National Government Licensed Guide


Yukari Kiwaki

My name is Yukari Kiwaki. I have been working as an English-speaking tourist guide since 2004. I have traveled throughout Japan with my guests, sharing wonderful experiences with them. I like to study the factors that form the characteristic of each place such as natural feature, history, religion, culture and food, and share the information with the guests to make their understanding deeper and their experiences richer. I feel happy when they enjoy discovering the charms of each place. 

Tokyo is my favorite city with rich history and culture, and many different aspects. Let’s me share wonderful time and experiences in Tokyo.


(National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter(English), Director of Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association, Vice-president of Japan Guide Association)


Hiroshi Yasuo

My name is Hiroshi Yasuo, but Hiro is good enough to call me. 

I used to live abroad total 8 years and visited more than 30 countries for business and pleasure. 

And through my experience of visiting all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa, I am very knowledgeable about major tourist places.

Tokyo is one of the most attractive places in the world. Why? Because Tokyo has history, cultural facilities, contemporary activities and much more. If you have desire to make your tour in Tokyo and Japan the most exciting and enjoyable one, I can help you to realize them. 

I can cover from history to social system, politics to sport, religion to shopping and etc. Please contact me whenever you have plan to come to Japan.


Hiroko Makino

I am Hiroko Makino, a tour guide interpreter. I am a member of Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association and Japan Guide Association.

I live in Kobe currently, but I had lived in Tokyo more than 20 years. 

I still enjoy strolling around towns in Tokyo whenever I visit there.

I know well Japanese history, pop culture and so on. Also, I love Japanese food (both eating and cooking).

The more you get to know the place, the more you like it. I will tell you the charms of Tokyo including history and old and new culture.

I will help you have a great time in Japan..